Prophecy and the American Economy

As I sat one morning pondering a prophetic message I received over thirty years back concerning the American economy I wondered if it would even be worth it to write about it yet once again. I have explained it countless times over the years and some of those years were through the Reaganomic boom times in which no-one including me could see how it had any significance at all. I reserve the question and perused through the mountain of emails I get daily and there found an impassioned request fro m a reader for me to elucidate further on what God had related to me about America’s economy. That email was the clincher.
Request Personal Prophecy
After my conversion to Christianity almost 40 years ago I started to have hundreds of dream visions. Each one of these had to accomplish largely with my very own life or the lives of these around me. In between those dreams came larger more disturbing pictures of events that would affect our nation and the entire world. I have never doubted the more universal dreams mainly because the personal dreams were never wrong. Not once in all these years has one prophetic dream ever been wrong.
The 1st prophetic dream I had came in three installments all in exactly the same night. It was God’s way of showing me that he both could and would speak to me about the future. That night I awoke three times with three separate dreams. The initial and second were easy to understand because they were clearly things that had previously happened and which were presently happening respectively. The third dream was the unknown.
I puzzled over the third apparition and lastly in desperation I decided to give up and get back to sleep. First I said a little prayer where I asked God if he could help me understand what all this dreaming was about. When my head hit the pillow it hit me, I saw days gone by then the present therefore the third dream should be the future. I felt an immediate sense of peace but that has been only the beginning. Eight days later the dream happened atlanta divorce attorneys detail to the letter.
From then on I only needed one dream to start to see the future not three. With some rare exceptions I always saw events exactly as they happened; no interpretation needed. Such as a full color preview it is usually a “everything you see is everything you get” revelation and never a “what on earth does that mean” sort of thing.
As the dreams increased I came across myself un-nerved because I could find no one in my church or elsewhere who had any experiences like mine. It drove me to question God. I pleaded with him to show me somehow why I had this acute capability to see the future as clearly as some men see the past. I found no consolation until God pointed me to a specific scripture passage that put the question to rest. In Number 12:6 the Bible says “And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I god, the father will make myself known unto him in a vision, and can speak unto him in a dream.”
So far it has been mostly dreams that show me the near future with several exceptions. Those exceptions were the 4 or 5 times I heard God speak in an audible language, in English and that too came with a first time confirmation so I wouldn’t doubt.
After praying my self to sleep one night imploring God to listen to me about my have to find work I fell asleep almost assured that I would have a guiding dream vision that would solve my problem. I was a difficult worker and I hated to be unemployed even for a time when I was young. But I awoke in disappointment knowing I hadn’t seen a thing in the night.
I sat up in bed and began to feel my heart sink a bit when I sensed a presence in the area with me. I QUICKLY heard a voice speak three separate times slowly, succinctly and deliberately. First were what “Michael you are beloved of God.” Following a pause those words were accompanied by “All your prayers have already been heard.” Finally after another pause I heard a one word message that I had no chance of understanding. It had been the single word, “Weiss.”
The word Weiss had no meaning if you ask me at all, I knew no-one by that name and if it meant another thing I was not alert to it. I quietly dressed and went to the city to find work. Within an hour I came across someone who decided to hire me and I was to start out the next day. I cheerfully exited my new employer’s place of business thanking God. Halfway down the block I remembered that I didn’t even know my new employers name. I returned stuck my head in the entranceway and said “I am sorry but I didn’t ask you your name. His reply was “my name is Julius Weiss.”
After that similar to the initial first three prophetic dreams I only needed one voice or message not three. Until now I have heard such voices significantly less than a handful of times but I have learned not to doubt. I’ve been thankful that I don’t hear such messages a lot more than I do since it is hard enough trying to convey to others the messages or the few revelations I did have. In this world people who hear voices are usually regarded as serial killers, quacks and self appointed seers with dubious motives.