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    Welcome to Studio7

    It’s been some seven years now since we looked at the ‘digital revolution’ and decided that we were going to be a part of it. Prior to that our backgrounds in music, art and design, paved the way to where we are and who we are today. We are proud of our ability to apply new skills with flair and creative expression, and we are always fully committed to the project in hand and to the overall excellence of our work, quite frankly because … 

     We love what we do!

    We choose quality and job satisfaction over remit, customer satisfaction and good relationships over gain. This is our ethos, and this truly reflects throughout all the services we provide.

    Good Radio Launch
    Announcing the launch of Good Radio, Live African Music for the Africa Oyé website.

    Wild Rose Vehicle Livery
    Wide and varied, just how we like it. We’ve been asked to produce graphics for Wild Rose and the Russian Ice Stars tour bus.
    The Wild Rose Website
    The new Wild Rose Website goes live, with many great features.
    Snow White DVD
    We’ve been asked to produce the DVD artwork for the highly acclaimed Wild Rose production of Snow White on Ice.